About Jewelry Research Website


Jewelry Research Website comes out of imagination... and is the jewelry research website.

I chose jewelry as a research topic because it's magical, and the topic of numismatics just makes everything that much more interesting.

It's a great research topic, and human culture has made this a part of life for a very long time.

Everyone can freely choose to wear jewelry. I like my pajama time, so I refuse to wear jewelry.

I prefer jewelry to be something that is for a special occasion. So why not find a precious crown?

Discover jewelry with me, and lets be strict about not needing to wear this stuff all of the time. Some people do get paid to model jewelry, I wonder if that includes someone for dress and undress?

The Research

Keeping a responsible handle on the research is something that I've been gifted with. I dislike wearing jewelry. I think the word I'm looking for here is objective.

Research is driven by an effort to create something for a better life by volunteering my technical skills. The topic is a breath of fresh air because there is no programming part to it, it's pure research.

My number one rule is to let the pages show what I see: Expensive jewelry is the reason you do not wear jewelry everyday, things break!