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I grew up paying attention to jewelry in that some kid in a wedding called the ring bearer held rings for people in a wedding ceremony. Outside of that, I sometimes wore a necklace with a cross when I was a kid. Somewhere in/after high school I lost total desire for all clothing accessories, including a watch. At one point I even wore one earring, it was a yellow gold hoop.

I prefer not to wear jewelry, but I do sometimes need to wear a wrist watch.

Human Culture

A 115,000 year old Neanderthal artifact shows their jewelry predates modern day human (Homo sapiens) jewelry. Check out Jewellery#Prehistory at Wikipedia for more about the artifact.

Today most people wear a wrist watch, something I'll guess to say did not exist in Neanderthal times.

National Geographic simply explains things in Neanderthals 101.

Today's Technology

Check out the most out-of-this-world watch that runs for 60 hours after full crank.

This watch would have been the apex in Ancient Egyptian jewelry!

Watch Thinking?

The watch industry in 10 watches.