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This website is currently undergoing efforts in website visitor cookie settings technology.

A deeper level of attention has gone into providing this website's cookie solution (Legal Eagle Settings) so that you can expect more from this website.

Visitor rights are important to @Gyrospring. You should know that when you click on a 3rd party link from this website that you are no longer visiting a website that Jewelry Research Website has control over, their visitor rights may not be the same as Jewelry Research Website.


Cookies and privacy are a huge thing nowadays.

This website only utilizes local code, so no third party systems.

The next upgrade to this website is called LegalEagle. It is website visitor level technology for allowing and denying the use of different types of cookies.

Data Retention

Jewelry Research Website uses cookies for the search engine. Storing the database in cookies provides savings in data transmission, currently about 14 KB.

Every website can save and clear 10MB alloted in contemporary browsers.